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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Gods of Logic are Crying

Even those who love destroying logic are slack-jawed.

I returned from my days off to find that the Kitchen Remodel is complete. It ended with the new floor and refreshed walls.

The Fridge? Back where it started.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Back where it started.


There's no power outlet on the wall where they wanted to put it.

Yes, you heard that correctly. There is no power outlet located where desired, in the very building which serves as the nerve center for the freaking power company.

Recap boiled down: Fridge too big. Remodel of kitchen ordered up to move cabinets to fit new fridge. Mid-remodel, budget is slashed, fridge will just be moved, but won't have access to water supply that justified its purchase. Late-mid-remodel, lack of power outlet is noted, fridge won't go to new home because we're out of money to install a freaking outlet.

Maybe we could eBay the table to raise those funds.

I will upgrade my observation of those who love defying logic. Nay, they are not merely slack-jawed. Yes, even the haters of logic are crying.

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