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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kitchen Problem, errr..... Remodel Update

It has begun. Earlier than anticipated.

Amazing Kitchen Developments!

I'll try to be brief. When planned, this remodel was intended to change up the cabinets and counters to fit the new fridge. So all of the furniture was removed, including the fridge. A new floor was laid down. A very expensive, durable, industrial no-skid floor, which is in direct conceptual conflict with the previous replacement of our very durable metal/formica table, with a fancy $700 black finished wooden table. Yeah. Vulnerable carpeting and indestructible table out, and in with indestructible flooring and a vulnerable table. Both expensive. Both unnecessary.

But what's this? Costs are too high? Just a few weeks ago this was not a problem, but things changed in a short time. It will be expensive to replace the cabinets, so let's just leave them where they are, and when we're done with the floor and walls we'll put the new fridge over on a different wall instead.

If you've followed the saga all along, you can probably see where we're going.

Along with a ton of other unnecessary changes, the fridge that was replaced without cause was an overall downgrade, and it doesn't fit where the old one went. Through the evolution of progress, a kitchen remodel was proposed and accepted so that a reconfiguration will allow the fridge to fit. In mid-renovation, the budget was adjusted, eliminating the cabinetry changes, Now the fridge is going where you can't hook up water to it (one of the given reasons this fridge was bought in the first place was to replace our water cooler vendor contract with a water-dispensing model).

When all is said and done, the cabinets will be unchanged. The fridge will be on another wall, and there will still be a corner void where it used to go. The water coolers will still be here. We'll have a new floor and redone walls, which were never needed to begin with. Hell, NONE of this was ever needed at all. I can't fathom the number of cases of hot chocolate this project could have funded.

Remind me why we did this again? Never mind, just clobber me with a baseball bat and put me out of my misery.

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