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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Truck 579 10-7

Previously: Bad News

We lost Howie last week.

Last time I wrote about him, I had not actually met him, but over the holiday he came in to visit the dispatchers and service crews. Although he was in a wheelchair, he was all smiles, wearing a Santa hat and delivering cookies. This is in line with everything I had ever heard about him.

Folks are pretty low here, but the lights must stay on, and so the show goes on.

Although the Fleet division will not go along with re-numbering Truck 579, we're retiring the call sign in Dispatch anyway. Whoever we promote to inherit Howie's old ride will be heard on the radio as Truck 584, because 579 is 10-7 and retired.

Rest in peace brother Howie. As I can see from those around me, you will be missed, and we'll take care of keeping the lights on from here.

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