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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Office silliness update

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Just a short update.

The chairs to go with the too-tall table arrived two or three weeks ago. I have yet to see anyone sit in them, nor have I ever seen the new table dirty since it arrived:

We got a new coffee maker and new coffee dispensers. Nothing wrong with the old ones. The old and perfectly good coffee maker rests next to the recycle and trash bins in the background:

I may have to look into giving the old power company coffee machine a new fire station home if it is otherwise destined for the landfill. Station 53's coffee maker is crap, and this would be a huge upgrade.

Lastly, the void that used to be where a properly-sized fridge would go is collecting detritus. Ironically, the new fridge was supposed to get its own water line so it could provide us cold filtered water and let us discontinue the water cooler vendor. No water line yet, but the cooler fits well back there. You can also see the sad, sorry, laid-off old coffee dispensers. And the cute red trash can lost its lid within a week of me taking the last picture of it.

No seems to be griping any more, though. They've apparently been desensitized to the insanity.

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