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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Silly Fallout Continues

If you just stumbled into this blog..... well, my condolences, and I hope your employer offers you an EAP plan.

So.... yeah, if you just stumbled in, the following post won't make sense until you first read The Pre-Plan and then Follow up to The Pre-Plan.

I thought the storm of unneeded accessories was completed when the nice table showed up, but no. Came in tonight and found this.

You can see for yourself the matching red trash can and dust buster vac. We have a cleaning service come through daily, though. The little vacuum might be a hint to get ready for that to go away, too. And oddly, the other two generic office-style trash cans in this room (that worked fine all along) are still here. I don't think anyone is using the cute red one.

Better yet, though, you can see that the empty plastic bins (shown previously in the picture with the square dishes) have been replaced by smaller, cute metal ones. The old ones were fine, really, I mean, they still worked. But spending money for these I guess makes it less obvious that we're spending less money on what used to go on the counter there. Spend more to downplay that you're spending less. I think I just talked myself into chasing my tail.

O Logic, Where Art Thou? I'm going to go cry in a corner.

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