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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The 911 Fire Dispatcher is Your Friend

The local pretty big City was dispatched with a standard first-alarm assignment of companies for yet another apartment fire. They've been getting a lot of those lately for some reason. Three engines, a ladder, the rescue, the BC.

After the BC comes online, the dispatcher advises that the call center is getting multiple calls, reports of multiple explosions, occupants are evacuating, and asks the BC if he wants anything else (hint hint).

BC advises they'll wait until arrival and decide.

Dispatcher comes back and apologizes, but there seems to be a "technical issue" and repeats all of the information again, does he want anything else? (HINT!)

OK, BC says, go ahead with the second alarm.

With the high winds that day, the first-in companies found a lower level apartment in a multi-building complex fully involved and loving the weather-induced air injection. First attack company went after it with the deuce-and-a-half, but couldn't stop it. 2nd engine got help from the PD to shut down the main road for supply lines. Fire quickly spread all the way to the attic. A trench cut slowed things down a bit, and they managed to save about half of the building. Wasn't too long into the job before Command had broken the crews into three divisions and tied up some TAC channels for the 2+ alarm companies needed that day.

Anyway.... strong work, dispatcher, getting those needed resources on the way. I loved the "technical issue" comment.

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