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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Three Mouse Clicks From...... Damn it

I don't have time to get into great detail right now, but suffice to say that sometimes it isn't a good idea to trust your protective relaying technician in the field at oh-dark-thirty when he says it is OK to go to a strange substation configuration that you'd really rather not do if given the choice.

As the Dispatcher, it is my job to verify everything. I trusted the guy who builds this stuff, and disregarded my gut feeling. His expertise notwithstanding, I am in The Chair, the one ultimately held accountable for what happens.

Click, Yeah, that third click created some interesting times. 2,610 customers were out of power for an hour this morning because I failed to listen to my spidey sense.

Hello, paperwork.

Hello, extended log entries. An aside: Always write so much in the log that no one calls you at home (waking you up) so you can fill in the details.

Just like police/fire/EMS incident reports, these things are legal documents, too. Be detailed.

And someone, actually multiple someones, will be reviewing all my phone calls for that time period. Good thing I kept the shared complaining about the company with my field crews to a minimum tonight. Kind of.

It is also a good thing that it is Saturday morning. Would have been a lot more folks late to work if this had been on a weekday morning.

Damn it.

More later. Have to clean the mess up before shift change.

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