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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MedEvac + Power Lines = Danger X2

Brought to my attention by Dave Statter, here.

The item of most importance: No one was hurt in this incident and the helo landed safely.

What I want to point out as the fire AND power guy, is that probably most people there did what the camera guy did: follow the helicopter. It's louder, more interesting, and presents itself as more threatening. Equally deadly, though, is the power line, which the camera guy eventually figured out was still live and not drawing enough fault current to trip. It might have initially tripped and then got popped on later by the dispatcher. It could be flopping around. Imagine how your attention would have been split if two lightly damaged helicopters were landing. That double-threat mindset is how this should have been treated: Two separate immediately lethal hazards.

Situational awareness keeps you alive. Tunnel vision kills.

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