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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Re-Characterizing the Blog

In the past few days, the hairs on the back of my neck have been standing up when I think about this blog and who might be reading it. Anonymity is not forever in the small world of fire/rescue online, and especially amongst power dispatchers. I mean, really, how many power dispatcher/firefighters are there?

So, I seriously considered dropping the blog and vanishing. But its therapeutic value is not lost on me, I am better for being able to write stuff, like most other bloggers I read.

I've ranted about stuff in both jobs that irritates me, usually at outsiders, but not always. But let's be honest. The vast majority of the power dispatchers and firefighters I work with are great people, but you might not know that from the percentage of rants I was punching out compared to deserved attaboy posts.

So, with that in consideration, so as to not offend anyone I work with who was the target of a rant (even though I probably really like that person most of the time otherwise), and also so as to steer clear of commenting on or drawing any attention to my current places of employment, I am slightly re-characterizing the blog.

I have removed quite a few of the old posts. Well, set them to draft status anyway. I might clean them up and re-issue some of them some day, but probably not. Mainly I have removed almost all of the posts that have anything to do with my current fire department and my current power company. Exceptions are posts of value, attaboys, and lessons learned. The remaining rants are attached to previous places of employ, far enough in the past that everyone involved should laugh about it now.

So, going forward, I hope to be nicer and less whiny. And will police my posts so that it doesn't matter if my cover is blown, I won't have said anything that will make my employment situation at all dicey at either place.

So, here we go.

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