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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best command post name (almost) so far

We were dispatched to a propane grill on fire on someone's deck.

Not just on fire, but on fire. Knobs melting off on fire.

First-in crew gave a size up (yup, it's on fire, it's on a deck, no serious exposure problem).

The bottle wasn't venting, which is usually a good sign, but not always. Anyway, they got a quick knock with their trusty ABC, quickly followed with a cooldown provided by a handy garden hose. Nice, we didn't even have to repack a line.

The amusing possibilities arose later.  If only they had established command. We would have loved to have heard this one.

Fire Ops from Engine 54, 54 will be Barbecue Command.

I can't wait for the next time this happens. Gotta jump on that name. Probably be a long wait, though.

What good CP names have you heard?

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