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Who is the Grumpy Dispatcher?

The Grumpy Dispatcher currently serves as a power dispatcher for a larger midwestern electric utility, and has previously held similar operations and supervisory jobs at a handful of other power companies previously.

Warped by our broad authority, we're usually unhappy because the world does not do what we think should be done. Whether we're right or not is irrelevant. Power dispatchers are just three mouse clicks away from killing field personnel or destroying national critical infrastructure worth $$$ millions.

The Grumpy Dispatcher is a volunteer firefighter for a combination fire department that runs ~1400 calls per year.

My other job, where I see firsthand crazy idiocy and tragedy, blended with the finest character mankind has to offer. The jobs are the same, really. Boring.... boring.... boring.... boring.... oh yeah, some action!!.... boring....

The Grumpy Dispatcher is a husband and a daddy. And Grandpa.

I have a good handful of wonderful children, and a beautiful, loving wife who is way out of my league (don't tell her).

The Grumpy Dispatcher tries to remain anonymous but knows that his cover will probably be blown eventually.

Unsurprisingly, names, places, numbers, attitudes, details and lottery numbers have all been changed in a weak attempt to protect the privacy of myself and the others whose stories are told here. But honestly, how many power dispatcher/firefighters are there, really? As such, I am careful about what I say and how I say it, so that when I eventually get outed at one place or the other, it hopefully won't be too painful.

The Grumpy Dispatcher is not original.

It doesn't take much looking around to determine the inspirations from which I draw upon to try to make this a better blog.  The standout influences are Capt. Schmoe, The Happy Medic, MotorCop, and Sgt. Krupke. Without their influences, this blog would be crap.  Wait... would be?  I apologize for dragging those guys down by claiming my tripe is inspired by them.  I'm not worthy.

The Grumpy Dispatcher would not mind hearing from you.

grumpydispatcher @ gmail

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