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The Grumpy Dispatcher's Favorites

Some posts that I consider worthwhile, and/or seem to get read a lot by visitors.

The Grumpy Dispatcher discovers why rescue workers are misunderstood by family
The Ladder 49 Effect

The Grumpy Dispatcher tells of epic pranks:
What?? What's My Name???
Creative Time Bomb

The Grumpy Dispatcher being grumpy and displaying his attitude:
Go Away, You're Bothering Me

The Grumpy Dispatcher explains why things are what they are:
The Tale of Five Monkeys

The Grumpy Dispatcher's Dad (Smooth Substation Operator), being funny:
Let Me Press This Button Here

The Grumpy Dispatcher reveals some of his internal demons:
The Angel and My Ghosts
Her Cry for Help

The Grumpy Dispatcher gets introspective and freaked out at his potential influence:
Crossing From Comfort to Quiet Terror

The Grumpy Dispatcher is slightly tormented by his youthful countenance
What? You're Driving?!?

The Grumpy Dispatcher leads a detailed, descriptive tour of power lines
Tutorial 6: Identifying the Wires
Tutorial 7: Identifying the Wires, Part II

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