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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Pre-Plan

Showed up for work at the power company this fine Christmas morning.

Keeping the lights and the heat on for you while you do whatever you do this holiday. Don't mention it. I get paid extra to be here and I am happy to have a job.

Anyway, for some reason, the refrigerator was replaced during my days off. Looks like the person in charge ordered a really nice stainless steel side-by-side to replace the old one. What was wrong with the old white enamel one is not clear. Apparently the boss simply wanted us to have a new one. With stainless steel.

They didn't go cheap. Bought a side-by-side to replace the old over/under. After all, we're a multi-billion $$$ company, so we can afford it.

If you've never compared refrigerators... typical mid-line over/unders are about 33" wide, while side-by-sides are rarely (if ever) less than 38" wide.

Yeah, you can see where this is going.

So in the corner of the control center kitchen, where the old fridge used to be, the new one is in front of the old hole, turned 90 degrees and against the side wall. Now we have the loss of space in the kitchen, the open and inaccessible hole blocked by the sideways fridge in front of it which will no doubt gather accidental trash and crud, and you know..... the new one has less fridge space than the old one overall, in exchange for a bigger freezer that we pretty much never use.

Not to mention, the all-important pizza box doesn't fit in a side-by-side.

Nice upgrade.

Pre-plan FAIL.

I'll keep you posted on what comes next: (A) Swap for smaller fridge (with or without consulting the guys who actually use it), (B) Spend a bundle to remodel a kitchen that does not need a remodel so that the wrong fridge will now fit, or (C) just leave the goofy situation as is.

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