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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mobile Command Post Fail

How many antennas are enough? How many more are required to impress the ladies? How many more to impress the ladies enough that they'll overlook the rust?

But you're a ham radio guy? Yeah, so am I. And you're a card-carrying storm spotter/chaser? Yeah, so am I, though I loathe the punks who drive like hell just to watch carnage under the spotter pretext. I work with the kinds of guys who actually report data to the NWS and, you know, get tornado sirens activated to, you know... try to save lives. I don't even bring a camera with me. Anyway, I don't have that many antennas (just the one is fine, thanks), and can still do everything I need to do despite not having 'Skywarn' stickers nor whackerbar lights for 360 coverage. But hey, I bet you get more dates than me.

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