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Monday, November 21, 2011

Checking in

This new boss gig is taking a lot of my time! But it is a good gig. This is evidenced by the dropoff in posts, as this blog was started for the same reason many are: to rant. I'm just not pressed to rant since starting the new job, because it is really agreeing with me and I am surrounded by good people and an intelligent leadership structure that more or less has a plan. It is AMAZING.

I am very lucky.

Also, not too many exciting fire or power grid stories to tell, but the rough season is approaching. Of course, there was the guy who complained when we fixed a streetlight in his area. He told the customer service rep that the light was damaging his DNA. We offered to shield his house from the light, and he insisted that he provide the shielding. I expected something wrapped in foil, but it turned out to be a flap of rubber from an inner-tube when they brought it to Dispatch so we could see it. OK, whatever floats your boat. Timo went out to install it, and we had a deputy along by request, just in case.

The blog got some pings from a discussion about wind power, leading me to realize that I have really dropped the ball on talking about future power grid trends as well as the tutorial series. Some new stuff is up with wind which I actually find encouraging. I still need to finish talking about circuit protection schemes and the relays that make them go. And the so-called "smart grid" you hear about from time to time? I'll fill you in on what it is supposed to look like, since no one in the media seems to have a clue except to use buzzwords like "demand management" and "smart supply", or some other useless catchphrase of the week.

And as my parting shot, check this out. While on the road this summer, putting a few thousand miles on the family transport to see the in-laws, I ran across this very creative way to recycle an old power pole. The Grumpy Dispatcher approves.

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