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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THWS: Appliance Repair

The latest Totally Handy Web Site (THWS) is likely to save you some money, and helps raise your stock in the household hero department, too.

The Appliance Clinic gives you loads of detailed help so that you can troubleshoot and repair virtually any major home appliance, or least determine whether you need to call for backup or not.

Many (most?) of us learned from our dad how to fix stuff. Often, what we learned was that you just had to take the danged thing apart and figure out what was what, and then attempt a fix.

I'm not knocking the practice of doing exploratory surgery on appliances, but you can greatly reduce the risk of accidentally breaking something in the process if you have an idea of what you're getting into before you start.

From the home page, click the "Repair" link, and you will see a fairly comprehensive list of makes and types of major appliances. Under these you will find a breakdown list of the common problems encountered and the steps to investigate, verify and repair as needed.

I first found this site back in 1996, so it is relatively ancient as far as web sites go, but its information is still updated from time to time despite its spartan web design appearance. The Restoration section, for example, just showed up within the past couple of years.

If you have a broken thing at home, go here and see if you can fix it yourself. Yes, you can be the hero at home too.


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