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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Grumpy Dispatcher on the Road

Time for some regularly scheduled continuing education training hours to maintain my industry-required NERC power system dispatcher certification.

Numerous dispatchers from various companies will be traveling across state lines to meet in a highly secret undisclosed location to be educated. Or rather, reminded of what we're supposed to know and have partially forgotten. And I was kidding about the highly secret location thing, but you'll understand if I don't share where we actually are. It would cause an undesired stir if a horde of autograph seekers stormed our classroom sessions. Plus, the other dispatchers would be jealous and start their own blogs.

Man, I am so full of it.

Back to reality. For myself, I'm taking my family with me and making a two-week vacation out of it. As such, you won't hear from me until some time next month.

Take care, be safe.

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