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Friday, May 7, 2010


It's been done before, but this one was satisfying.
  • Your totaled 2004 Honda Accord: $16,000
  • The 2009 Corvette you totaled: $45,000
  • Reckless Driving fine for rear-ending another car at high speed on a flat, straight road with no traffic lights, stop signs, or even any intersections, in broad daylight: $1,500 and 30-day suspended license
  • Increase in annual insurance premiums: $600
  • Marijuana for you, and the two cute girls in the back seat, on the way to school: $25
  • Minor in possession of drug paraphernalia and DUI: Class "C" felony arrest
  • Getting your ass chewed off by your mom while you stand there in cuffs as the girls look on: PRICELESS
Junior was bloodshot, loose and in a good mood when we arrived, and surprisingly no one was injured. It was lightly drizzling, we were only two blocks from the school, and the girls opted to wait for Junior's mom so they didn't have to walk.

They apparently had not previously met Junior's mom.

They walked.

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