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Friday, May 28, 2010

Amazing Kitchen Developments!

There is a very, very long story behind this. Thankfully, I have already written all about it here, so all you have to do is go back and read it again. Go visit the restroom and refill your coffee before you start.

OK, ready? Read these:

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Off topic: Today I noted that the pretty red garbage can with the missing lid is MIA. No idea how long it has been gone.

Back on topic.

So in summary, the transmission operations department was offered a chance to use a bunch of money on upgrades, but was not given the option to bank the money for future needs. It was use it or lose it.

From a global company point of view, if upgrades are not required, I'd like to see the extra funds in my paycheck or to hire more help. However, from a management point of view, I can see why those in charge opted to grab the money and run.

How it was subsequently spent was oh so flaky, as I have documented in excess. Well-meaning, but ill-executed. The epitome of the execution was the new refrigerator that was larger than the old one, and did not fit in its alcove. Therefore, ever since, it has sat out away from the wall, at a right angle, leaving the back corner inaccessible. It's ugly back there. Dust, garbage, food detritus. No one can really reach back there to clean. And come on, it looks plain silly.

There's been a little light-hearted ridicule about the spendy upgrades, especially in light of the unrelated decision to cut off many of the little extra kitchen perks. The runner up to the sideways fridge of course being the fancy table.

So, to stop drawing attention to the problem, we've moved on to other office and operational problems....

...until recently, when an subtle signal was sent downstream by a VP higher up: WTH is with that kitchen arrangement? Something must be done! And viola!, the skids are greased, and even more money has been made available to fix the problem. Lots more.

Yes. The entire kitchen is going to be remodeled, prompted mainly by the oversize fridge purchase.

That's the ticket. You know, I can't quite tell, but our boss might be brilliant. He might have actually done all this on purpose with the new kitchen in sight all along. You never know.

So if you were the manager making these decisions in the beginning:

If you declined the upgrades in the first place, letting someone else have the funds but owning a clean conscience that you caused no waste, and kept your happy serviceable kitchen, you made the sensible call.

If you allowed the upgrades, owned up to the oversize fridge and traded it for the right size, you made a wasteful call but at least your kitchen doesn't look silly.

If you allowed the upgrades and deliberately bought on oversize fridge to obliquely force a complete kitchen remodel, you're brilliant, and made a really great call. Either that or you have exceptional dumb luck, but you'll never tell.

Remains to be seen if the counters will be red. Pictures will be forthcoming, but the work is months away.

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