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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beware What You Ask For

And beware of what someone on your crew asks for.

One of our firefighters, an intern with about a year on, was feeling pretty good. He was doing really well, a hard worker, good attitude. He just got hired as a part-timer, and is pretty much a lock for a career gig eventually unless he accidentally becomes a felon. It was his last intern shift, and he was feeling pleased and looking forward to a paycheck.

You couldn't help but be in a better mood when he was in the room, you know. Future's so bright, and all that.

While out on an errand on this fine and fateful day, they drove their BRT by a decaying bowling alley that had been closed for over a year, and he said to the Captain something about how it would be a good building to use for a training burn.

Yeah, you see where this is going.

Sure enough, 3:50 AM that very night..... and it went to two alarms. On his last intern shift.

I was at the power company gig and didn't get to go to this fire myself, but I had heard about his comment earlier in the day. I stared at my pager in disbelief. You have got to be kidding me. Happy Intern is going to catch hell for this.

He sure was lucky that he was still on shift. Made for a good alibi!

It didn't hurt that a transient basically admitted to accidentally starting the fire, taking the figurative heat off of Happy Intern.

The best part I heard the next day. Happy Intern's engine company was the local one singled out to cover while everyone was busy, so he didn't even get to go.

Not that he's catching any less crap about it.

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