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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Learn the Grid. Attract the Ladies.

This blog is sooooo new, yet people are already reading it... I can see the stats and am surprised. As MotorCop so eloquently stated, and I am merely paraphrasing here, this freaks me right the frack out. But I also have to acknowledge to myself... hey dummy, you put it on the Internet, what exactly were you expecting?

I only put up one power company post so far, and although I tried to keep it very elementary, the comments tell me that it was still jargonized greek. Thus not very entertaining. Like any line of work, you get immersed so far into it that sometimes it is hard to explain to someone with little or no exposure. Sorry about that.

I will start a series of posts to explain the power grid and power dispatching from a very basic level, and with any luck get all three of you regular readers qualified to pass the NERC certification exam and be dispatchers as soon as possible. Honestly, we could use the help, and it pays pretty well.

Seriously, is anyone interested enough in how the grid is operated to make it worthwhile for me to make a dryly cynical tutorial series? By the end, you'll know enough to impress the chicks at parties with your extensive power grid knowledge, especially when they want to talk about the blackout that just happened (and there will be one eventually, just wait). Unless of course, one of us power dispatchers is also there and chooses to out you as an imposter. And even then, it only works on the chicks who dig grumpy blue collar types who think like self-righteous engineers.

On the other hand, if you're female, I am not sure how the men will react to your grid knowledge. Unless it's a power dispatcher. We love to talk shop!

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