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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

YouTube Love

Just as I wondered if anyone ever bothered to read my ramblings, lo and behold I find some visitors arriving from.... YouTube?

Sure enough:

So, if you just stumbled in here after following Charlie's advice, the two posts he is most likely referring to are over a year old, and can be found at these links:

Why wind power is not the (only) answer

And Now, More Wind!

There's other power grid stuff mixed in here and there on the blog if that's your thing. Just click the "power company" tag at the bottom of this post to filter the rest of the clutter out.

I promised a few posts ago to talk more about this topic, I haven't forgotten. There are developments in the area of load management related to the "smart grid" (use that in Dilbert Buzzword Bingo). Conceptually rather brilliant, even practical, but expensive and slow to be implemented because power companies can move pretty slow. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Charlie.

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