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Friday, July 10, 2009

. . . and another indistinguishable speck appears . . .

Hello. Are you lost?

Just checking.

In the massive universe of blogs, I hardly expect a following.

However, after having observed the therapeutic quality of how a few other specific blogs helped their authors, and in many ways for the same reasons those came into existence, this blog is intended to serve more as a vent for me than entertainment or serious value for you.

Of course that's what the other guys said, and they eventually became a source of great value.

On this one... don't get your hopes up.

I am a power system dispatcher for a major electric utility company. I am one of those faceless guys hunched over a console with a vast collective of computer monitors and widgets surrounding me, trying to monitor the high voltage power grid in my area of control (which represents roughly about 100,000 square miles) to prevent injuries and disaster, protect assets worth billions, and ensure the steady flow of energy to the struggling US economic machine.

Does this guy's job look hard? This guy is just one of a bunch of other plant, line and substation guys who have to answer to me.

It takes just three mouse clicks to operate switches and breakers on the system. Do the wrong one..... kabooms and/or fatalities become very likely, or if we're lucky it'll just be economic losses in the low $$ millions.

No pressure.

This is an example of the kind of room I work in.

For kicks and giggles, I am also a firefighter. Some of those stories will undoubtedly find their way in here, too. They tend to be more interesting, anyway. Power dispatchers are pretty boring, after all.

I also used to be a stormchaser (for reporting/warning through the NWS, not for the 'thrill'). My wife says I obviously have some need to be where lives are on the line.

So, anyway, that's where we'll start. Here we go. We'll see what happens. If anything.

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